• Věra Karin Brázová
  • Rafał Wiśniewski


The growing complexity of the security environment has recently revived systems theories in many areas. Yet, the notion of security system has been used in strategic documents of the central European countries already for many years. This paper thus examines how the understanding of the security system has developed over time in Poland and the Czech Republic and how do the national concepts of security system relate to the theoretical understanding of systems. Finally, we examine how the idea of security system is translated into practice in the two countries.

Author Biographies

Věra Karin Brázová

Born in 1982. PhD candidate in public policy at Charles University in Prague, graduated in public policy and in security studies, both at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University. She has also studied at the University of Constance in Germany and stayed at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, participating in several research projects. Research interests include strategic studies and issues of security governance in the Central European countries.

Rafał Wiśniewski

Born in 1986. Teaching fellow at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where he also completed his PhD studies in 2014. His research interests cover South-East Asia and military security.

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Brázová, Věra, and Rafał Wiśniewski. 2018. “SYSTEM THINKING IN THE CZECH AND POLISH STRATEGIC DOCUMENTS”. Obrana a Strategie 2017 (2), 049-066.