External Actors in Pre- & Post-Revolutionary Libya. Review of Current Research.

  • Hana Votradovcová


External actors appear to be one of the key factors in post-revolutionary Libya –  country divided by a civil conflict. Aim of this research review is to summarize major Western academic publications that focus on the role and interests of external actors in Libya. The review reflects on the writings dealing with the interests of Western actors –France, UK, Italy, Germany, USA - and the activities of Russia, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or UAE, whose increasing influence in post-revolutionary Libya is related to the ongoing conflict and mutual rivalry.

Author Biography

Hana Votradovcová

Born 1987. Graduate of the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in Brno. Currently, she is an internal doctoral student and researcher at the same faculty. She specializes in the fields of migration and internal security. Geographically, she focuses on the territories of Central Europe and the Middle East.

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